August 30, 2009

The Words of Our Prophets…

…are written on subway walls. So says one of my favourite songs. Today something happened when I realized that I was wasting my time till now forgetting the songs that I had grown up on.

Basically I met this guy who had got some diploma from this Gujju place called Bhadrapur Institute of Management and has been trying to convince me that The Answer is there somewhere. I too believed in it when I was young. But then my travels taught me that there can be another way of life. This way taught you to make the most of now and leave the rest of the worries to when they actually become realities.

So this Bhadrapur dude has been able to convince me that my safe middle path is not the right one. One supposedly has to choose. But today as I was coming home I was as usual chatting up with my autowalah. After the usual banter about how awesome Mumbai is, he suddenly said, “But you always come home late from work. How would you actually know how great the city is and what it can offer.”

Since I had no answer, I let him talk and between his long discourse I just heard one thing, “Life is too precious to waste without living it fully. And to enjoy life is a responsibility. You would not want to leave this world without figuring out all that it has to offer.”

As I said, the words of our prophets…

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Sowmi said...

I liked the AUTOWALLAH'S question :)