August 04, 2009

When You Say Nothing At All

It feels odd when I face a wall of silence. I wait for the signal but then nothing happens. Nothing was ever supposed to happen. But then somewhere deep within hope raises her small head and whispers of lands never seen, of tales untold, of sorrows that turn into joy. And I want to believe.

But beliefs will have to be renewed. Beliefs will have to be put to the test. Because when beliefs are not supported on the pillars of reality, they often become empty fanaticism.

Past and the Future meet through our present and at this very present my choices before me will decide which future will be mine. All of us have innumerable futures, each a result of a choice that we make. Every moment we kill a few possibilities with the choices that we make.

The other day one such possible future queried about my past. How it would know that deafening silence was all that was allowed for such inquisitions. Silence faced future and slowly I saw it melt away into nothingness. Once again the past had destroyed a future through her power over the choices we make.

A future is lost. Thousands remain. And this time, the past will not interfere with the choices. The chains are weakening, the bonds are breaking and the Wheel of Time is finally nearing its desired end.

(Written under heavy intoxication caused by home made bong food and Jazz on a crowded train)


Sowmi said...

:) intoxication of bong food??? Take Care Banjo.. :)

Shreya said...

O I wish I could write like this!

nibedita said...

nice reminds me of the movie 'the butterfly effect' :)

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@Sowmi - I did. Thanks :)

@ Shreya - Come on!!! (blush)

@ Nibedita - Changing specific parts of our lives? Really?