August 16, 2009

The Rise of the Wuss Brigade

So I am a proud member of the Wuss Brigade. Wuss Brigade is the highly secretive society of men and women who have always claimed that they want something meaningful in their lives and that their lives are for a higher purpose. They seem to be looking for a calling that never comes across. So Wuss Brigade allows them to meet together and crib about how their talents are getting wasted over a couple of beers and Red Bulls or over long distance calls. They are a member of the Brigade till the time they still feel bad about not doing anything about their lives. Then like Lucifer has always wanted it, they conform. Few do leave the brotherhood and actually do what they have always wanted to do.

Now I have always been a proud member of the fraternity. But then some people did some stuff which really stunned me. My erstwhile roommate one fine morning woke up, quit his job and left for Pune to work with ‘Teach India’. One of my most favourite juniors quit his job and is going to try for the IAS. And the other junior from school stuck onto his dream of becoming a doctor and actually has become one.

So yesterday when I was still debating whether to go to the Hospital to take a tetanus injection or not I decided to call him up and over the phone I got my first self inflicted injection. It was good fun to have this kid giving me advice in his suddenly found professional tone and I was so happy I knew all these people who were no longer members of the Wuss Brigade.


Sowmi said...

Lemme join ur wuss brigade now... shall i?

Anonymous said...

I think telling Goldman Sachs that you want to do Marketing during summer recruitment automatically disqualifies you from being part of the Wuss Brigade, my dear mentor.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@sowmi - if you wnt to join means you already have :)

@ Mentee dearest - shhhhhh!!!! :)