August 16, 2009

We are The Super Stars’ Neighbours

So our Raddiwala is a great talker. And a great businessman. He ensures that he does not pay us a single penny over Six Rupees per Kg for our well kept and mostly unread newspapers. But he gives us information.

As you guys might know, I missed living in Bandra by less than 500 meters and had to settle for Khar. Now, given that King Khan lives in Bandra and that’s what is thought hep and happening by all you Non Mumbaikars I always felt a bit down. But no longer shall I despair. Here is what I know about my neighbours, all within 3 minutes walking distance from my house.

My closest celebrity neighbour is supposed to be Shatrughan Sinha. Given that both of us are proud of our Bihari pasts, we would hit it off well together. It’s just that he has too many guards around. Also our Bihari Babu gives his Raddi for free, very unlike the other stars near our home. The domestic helps at their places ensure that they make a quick buck by selling old newspapers.

Exactly a hundred and thirty seconds from my house stays Bebo. Yes, everyone calls her Bebo these days. The bunglow of Sadhna, the yesteryear superstar is also close by. Bips stays exactly 90 seconds from my house by cycle. And you have to agree that you would also cycle a bit fast, if you were going to meet Bips. And of course on the same building is John’s flat. However, I do know that his Pali Hill flat is more famous. So technically apna John has two residences. At least 2 that I know of.

Kiran Kumar, (anyone remembers him?) also is my pseudo neighbour. However, I have to cross the main road to meet him. Mahima Choudhury, is just opposite, well almost. And then we have Gabbana and Juice where everyone who is someone but not yet THE One come to get a haircut and buy a dress.

He is source of other information too. When he heard about our dire financial straits, he also gave us tips on making easy money. Well, it’s really easy. But since I do not want to ruin my odds by revealing the secrets, I shall stop the conversation now.

And Oh! I almost forgot to tell you. The Buzz around the Khar Security Guard grapevine was that Rakhi was really upset when her watchman was late in opening the door. And no, they have not yet seen Elesh.

So the only thing to do now is to meet my neighbours, Wish me luck.


Ojas said...

Things have changed over time in Mumbai, I guess. When I was young, John abraham was (almost) nobody. He'd stay in Gee Jumbo appts at Andheri East and walk his dog in the garden. When my cousin featured in one of Falguni Pathak's videos (maine payal hain chhankai), he once recognisedher, and waved at her (all of us cousins were sitting in the balcony behind her). We were kicked. He'd later make conversations with her.

Another uncle of mine stayed at Lokhandwala, and in the opposite appts, lived Karishma Kapoor. She was the star then. We'd die for a glimpse of her - out from the elevator and straight in her Esteem. Bebo must be 13-14ish, and often played in the Garden.

In the same Lokhandwala, we'd come across many bollywood stars and starlets. While we were awestruck, people there hardly cared.

Good ol' memories of Mumbai.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@ Ojas - May I have your uncle's address?

Mumbai has not changed. It's just that sometimes star bug hits you

wnwek said...

I hope you dazzled them with your wit. You could make quite a buck being a wit consultant you know. Or being a ghostwriter on their blogs.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@ Vivek - I so want to do that