August 18, 2009

Plays and Movies Again

A midnight show in Fame Andheri is a treat in itself. The Visual stimulation that can happen at such settings often takes your mind away from the task at hand, which in this case was watching Love Aaj Kal. Now LAK is a good movie to watch. I know there will be people who will find it extraordinarily boring and unrealistic but then sometimes you need to watch a movie for the performances and not just the storyline. Saif Ali Khan continues to amaze me. He is slowly becoming our own Hugh Grant. Deepika Padukone on the other hand can not seem to get out of the image she has created of herself. And I still remember how refreshingly different she was in OSO.

Given the deteriorating sex ratio in Punjab, the director had to resort to a Brazilian model playing a Punjabi Kudi. Aab yeh toh na insaafi hain. The movie has great dialogues at places when it is not trying to be preachy. I thought the idea of a Breakup Party is really cool. I mean we all decide to make compromises. And that is the reason many relationships break down. But they are not meant to drive us into mourning, right? I hate when people get the blues over past relationships.

Learnings from the Movie are simple – Long Distance relationships do not work. Do not have burgers for lunch. Don’t play PS 2 till late into the night. Shave when you go for work. Get the girl’s mom on your side when you are eloping. If you are a woman, date your boss only he is the reincarnation of Gautam Budhha. It’s ok to tell your husband while he is planning your honeymoon that you actually love the guy you had dumped around a year ago. Even if you are dating Playboy’s Playmate of the Year, come home to our very own Desi girl.

If you still are not convinced about watching LAK, then you should head to watch Proof, if you are in Mumbai. A beautiful play outlining the choices made by a genius for her family and how societal stereotypes refuse to accept genius unless they find it at the usual places, Proof never lets go of the storyline. Powerful performances ensure that you wait excitedly for the answers to come in. But most of them you find that they are interwoven into the story itself.

Brief Candles was a Mahesh Dattani play which tried to deal with the concept of death and how people around cope with impending death. Somehow life has taught me to deal with death with a certain detachment. The other day a friend and I had a huge argument post which he called me heartless. Basically it was about this Orkut profile of this person who had passed away and his friends still kept on messaging him, leaving scraps. I found that hard to accept. It’s not letting him go. Sometimes, that’s the best answer.

Watch Proof, if you can. And watch LAK, Saif deserves a view.

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wnwek said...

Given the deteriorating sex ratio in Punjab, the director had to resort to a Brazilian model playing a Punjabi Kudi.

He would have been closer to the truth if he got one of those ubiquitous Mallu nurses instead.