August 24, 2009

Oath Breaker

There are ancient bonds between men which if broken haunts the very existence of the one who defaults on his promise. And the Universe brands him as The Oath Breaker.

It’s late in the night. Very Very late. My flat mates are fast asleep. Even if Megan Fox came along right now and asked them to wake up, they would not be able to. But I just can’t sleep.

A few hours back one of my closest friends got married. The tall lanky guy was somehow one of the very few people in IIMB who believed in me even when I was a misfit trying to find my calling. He was the one of the few who helped me hang on when things got tough. He was the one who would fight to keep our conversations going even when I was lost in the wilderness in the first few months of my corporate life.

Tonight I failed him. I was one of the first to be told about the date and I ditched him, once and once again. I had convinced myself that it was alright to miss his engagement but I missed his marriage, the most important date in his life.

If I can’t even keep the basic vows of friendship, what am I but an Oath Breaker.

But there is salvation for the condemned. For every marriage I have missed, I have ensured I meet the person concerned post the date. Even if it means waiting for two years.

Debts of this life have to be paid in this life itself. That's the only succor for Oath Breakers


sayrem said...

Banjo, you can't HELP but meet the person post date.And especially if years elapse. Unless you've taken vows of eternal avoidance.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@ Sayrem - Now come on... What if saat somudra tero nodi majhkhane ese jaye? :)

katta said...

hey, who is this IIMB friend of yours who got married?

- katta

Atulya said...

Katsan has become a Punjoo btw.
You missed that too.

Sowmi said...

YOu've to Banjo :) You've to meet him :) blv me Ive been there done that too.. doing that too :(

Meer-ah said...

I wonder if it is nice to have the multitudes along for the wedding or is it perhaps enjoyed best in only the closest of company.

Btw, you really should read Vivekananda.

Soumya Sen said...

Dear Comrade, don't worry so much, but just make sure that you turn up at your own wedding (which I am certain will be arranged in the grand bourgeois manner), else your wife may start beating you from the first day/night; I hear that the modern day Kolkhoz women are especially strong, even your protective layers of fat might prove insufficient. So you better show up at the right day and time!

wnwek said...

You didn't miss much actually - just imagine Katsa in a petha passed off as a turban. That's Punjabi Katsa.