August 28, 2009

Planning Weekends

Why would we want to plan weekends?

Since when have we got into the habit of living our lives by a calendar?

Why can't we live weekends as they should be lived?

Why can't we feel on a Friday night that we need to see the sunset from Raigarh fort on a Saturday? And not decide a week in advance?

Why can't we let weekends be what they are? A time to listen to your inner calling?

Why can't we just decide on a Friday night that we want to sleep away the weekend so that the dreadful Monday can come faster

Why do we need to be social when we were meant to be surviving alone in the wilderness ages from now?

Why should we believe we are social animals and not just animals? Raw, unfettered, random, driven only by primal instincts?

Why do we need to plan if we dare to call ourselves free spirits?

(Was originally written as a response to a standard weekend mail of someone asking a group of hopefully like minded individuals to plan for the next weekend. Then realization struck that this response would not even be registered leave alone understood.)


Sowmi said...

Right!!! you made me think.... I got ma first job Banjo :) :) :)

Kavity said...

The 'plan' mania has seeped in to our lives as much as it has in to our work. And, it seems to be such a sin if one has not 'planned' hot events for the weekend in advance, like we were not destined to live on planet Earth.

wnwek said...

Because, Banjo, I for one, can't stand my leisure time being wasted. And of course, to show off on Monday, what you were upto.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@ Kavita - look at what vivek says :)

@ Vivek - try it once :)