March 23, 2008

The Most Awesome Spam

I have always loved spam mails. When I am really really bored in life, I go to my spam folder and read those mails. Gosh! I miss those days when I could have the luxury of time to spend an hour reading how I could satisfy baby or just help poor Mrs. Tikku from Nigeria. The following mail however did not come in spam. Instead I found it in my inbox. This mail has it all, a boy and a girl, suspense, mystery, friendship, wishes, heartaches and a promise. Now this is a spam worth making a movie out of. And I solemnly assure you that I quote the mail here exactly as it is.

“hiiiiiiiii just got ur mail, u must be very busy with your job neways thanx 4 ur reply what to do we r not destined 2 carry forward in the matrimonial way never mind I hope your search 4 the right one ends very soon in fact to tell the truth I wish my parents' search also ends up soon too so that I can carry forward my plans 4 da future . I hope I can expect mails from u .I dont ne problem in carrying out friendship ,do in4m me when u get ur desired partner and keep mailing its really nice to get mails 4m u as I dont have ne net friend , ok more in the next

bye n take care.......................”

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