March 19, 2008

Ice Age 0 – The Prequel – An Inside Scoop

Now this is a post about an amazing movie. The inside scoop from Planet Hollywood is that it was to be named Ice Age – The Prequel but there was a falling off between the producers and therefore in a moment of panic the studio named it 10,000 B.C.

The movie has its problems. For example, the dialogues were written when the Writer’s Guild at Hollywood went on strike. But apart from that this is an absolute must watch. In fact, I believe that this will be voted as the greatest rib tickling comedy of the first decade of the new millennium. I’ll go ahead and start a sms campaign if it does not win. Anyway, here’s a sneak peek.

The story tells you how Manny the mammoth’s family was lost. Now the men of those times called the mammoths Manac (hence the name Manny) and hunted them. (Remember the cave paintings?) So there are these typical bad men who cage the Manacs and make them work as horses and the Manacs are really upset about it. After all, they are mammoths, not horses. They actually like the hero’s tribe which just hunt them for food and you know it’s like the honour before food kind of movie. The hero of the movie is the great great grandfather of the kid in Ice Age. Now there’s the tiger too. The hero in the movie saves a tiger, who surprisingly is a vegetarian and is the great great grandfather of the tiger in Ice Age (from its mom’s side). So you see the story slowly building up.

The story is set at a time when the earth had not split up into continents. So you have the Latinos, the Caucasians, the Africans all living side by side in the middle of someplace that looks like Egypt. And the hero’s tribe was the champion of globalization. So his clan has people who were the predecessors of the Mongoloids. The heroine of the movie is where the twist comes in. She’s from the planet Kraziopia and is the first super hero on Earth. She travels across snow capped mountains alone as a kid, a mountain in which even the great Tik Tik can lose his way.

And now about the great Tik Tik. He’s the nice guy in the movie. He gets hit by an arrow or something and within a night recovers completely. We were sure after the movie that he had an affair with the witch doctor/village wizard Old Mother who supposedly can send her breath across miles to do CPR on the heroine. And here is the spoiler alert. Tik Tik will die in the end. But what our snoops tell us is that the dying scene was done by our own KJo.

Don’t miss it.

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abhiram said...

hey banjo,
u forgot to mention the clean shaven men of 10000 BC...and also some with french beards (tik tik had one i guess) :)