March 23, 2008

From Heartache to Heartache

In lonesome nights in distant lands;

A face shines brightly in my heart.

The clear skies speak of things unsaid;

Of the world that made us part.

It was deathly still that night;

The night you left me to my fate.

But my heart still calls for you;

From heartache to heartache.

Caesar’s wounds wept in Rome;

And Brutus paid with his life.

My wounds, my love are for you alone;

To save you from all your strife.

I do not know if you'll remember;

All that we did for our sake.

A man misunderstood walks alone

From heartache to heartache.

My wishes are all with you;

May you find peace some day.

Or maybe it was yet another game;

Which you just wanted to play.

It’s easy to find love they say;

In the midst of painted fakes.

Your fake smile is all I recall;

From heartache to heartache.

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