March 12, 2008

Ek Happy Sa Birthday

My closest friend and family will vouch for me that I do not remember dates – be it birthdays, anniversaries or even the last date I went out with the lady for a dinner. Now all of these are important things and I admire those who can remember such details. But I can’t, much to the irritation of everyone around. In fact, of my innumerable annoying habits, this finds a place on the top of the list. So these days when normally a friend calls up to say, “Madhurjya Banerjee (note the use of the full name) are you forgetting something?” I usually start singing Happy Birthday to you. Works 9 out of the 10 times. It doesn’t work when you forget that 14th Feb is Valentine’s Day and start singing Happy Birthday.

Anyway, to make a long story short, on 10th March, exactly a year ago I started this blog just after I had cast my lot, made my job and was about to embark on my India trip. A year from then, I am sitting in a hotel room overlooking the beautifully lit up Dubai and typing this out. A fitting tribute to this blog which was originally meant to be a travelogue but upon my realization of my inability to write decently became a travelogue where my frequent rants about life, universe and everything in general is recorded.

Thank you all for taking the pains to visit this blog, leaving your messages and tolerating me.

Happy Birthday bloggie darling.

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