March 12, 2008

I Need a Woman in My Life

Yes, it’s official. I need a woman in my life right now. At least for a month. To understand my craving for the female company you need to understand the background. No, I am still sane. I am not feeling any pangs of loneliness as most of my friends are rushing to get married. Most of my convictions in life remain the same. But one thing has changed. My location. I am in Dubai since last week.

Now Life in Dubai is exotic. You stay in hotel rooms which stink of luxury, you get picked up and dropped off by a limo and yet you wait for your next accommodation details since you will be moving into a suite. But about that later. One of my basic needs, after food, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, floaters and a 6 ft by 6 ft roofed hut with a proper bathroom is my need to travel - to look around a city and feel it’s pulse. Unfortunately, in Dubai the options are not aplenty. If I look at my must visit places, 80% of them turn out to be malls. (If you are intelligent, you will understand my need for a woman now). Now as much as I like the people I am here in Dubai with (or as much as they seem to tolerate me), at the end of the day they are just men – uncouth, counter strike playing, babe watching men, lacking the finesse of the better half of our species.

So my plans of Dubai trips are in jeopardy. In fact, my great plan of going to 7 different malls in one week is right now in shambles. After the first 2 days, they called it quits. So in the Mall of The Emirates, the largest mall in the world outside North America, they looked the most bored individuals, just slightly less bored than the 60 year old gentleman whose wife was busy shopping with their daughter/daughter-in-law. From my confused understanding of the human psyche, 3 types of people like malls - women, metrosexual men and freaks of nature like me who despite being a non-metrosexual male loves malls. (I might just be leaning a bit towards being ubersexual, but that’s for a later discussion). So today I went alone to Souk Madinat Jumeirah and while getting hopelessly lost in its beautiful interiors and lively shops resembling a traditional “souk” I realized that I need a woman with me.

So in case you are reading this and satisfy the gender requirement and are ready to travel to Dubai, at your own expense of course, please let me know. Lots and lots of malls still left to explore. And just for your information, I am a great window shopper and that’s exactly the amount I can afford to spend. So I’m one of those who loves malls but shy away from shopping. But, the offer is open; I can accompany you as you buy your Zara.

Else be prepared for my cribs about not having a woman in my life in my Dubai travel updates.

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