July 25, 2007

Work to do

1. Visit the Deathly Hallows
2. Be the good son and do the things I promised dad.
3. Find out how to find time for the entries in Number 1 and 2 after long working hours, which i don't even complain of. I actually love them. :-)

Harry Potter is something I would love to write on. Sometime.


Task 1 completed at 02:37 hours on the 26th Day of July after the longest reading session undertaken by me in 2007 A.D. Anyone who has followed Potter should not miss this. Too many thoughts racing in my mind. I guess I'll need a better time to write about it. Just I would like to mention, even at the cost of a red eyed day at work tomorrow, it was worth every moment of it.


u know who said...

am interested in knowing what ur task#2 is...
did u promise to find a girl for urself? ;)

CJ said...

"just i would like to mention"?? bihari influence? [snigger]

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@ I don't know who - It's a task I have no intention of undertaking. AND I said 'things' which definitely puts a stop to the possibility as suggested by you.

@ CJ - I know :-( But still in my defense, even Yoda spoke like this.