July 15, 2007

A picture speaks a thousand words

I have been told that it's time to make my blog look more attractive with pictures accompanying my posts. Somehow, the idea does not appeal to me, especially with a 9.6 Kbps connection. It's a huge pain. That's also the reason why I am lethargic to put my anything fancy on my blog, including some of the blogs I visit often.

However, there is a series I have been planning for a long time now; posts on my 10 most favourite photographs of all times. Today, I once again visited Sanketh's Blog to see if they had started blogging again. I haven't seen a better bow out of a blog, ever and that's the reason I hope they would be back. The picture below would be amongst my top 5, the number 1 being already reserved though. I think it's an insult if I want to describe this photograph, so i won't. It's a classic showing man's triumph over himself.

However, if I had clicked this photograph fro his BOSM, Sanketh would have been after my blood saying that I had cut it at the joints :-)

1 comment:

sepulchritude said...

Oh we're back alright! Different blog, different usernames, same two blokes.