July 05, 2007

7 months back

While working on my excel files late into the night, I suddenly realized that 7 months back I was sitting with Kushal in a swanky office in Singapore trying to help find a way so that a multinational services organization could make their entry into India. Yesterday morning I was braving the rains in the markets of Patna. As I stood under a shed, I realized that when people call me up most of them are taken aback by not finding my voice dull and tired. :-)

It’s not true that I do not have my doubts. But then a pretty favourite Peanuts strip comes into mind. In it Charlie Brown says,

Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, "Why am I here?"
Then a voice answers, "Why? Where do you want to be?"

Today however, the cold I caught though seems to want to answer, "Home with a hot cup of coffee and tucked away with a book."

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Anonymous said...

ha ha ha... good one... damn good...