July 08, 2007

Growing out of a Crush

Growing out of a crush is an interesting phenomenon. There might be someone who just looks amazing, who speaks amazingly or maybe who looks great in a movie and WHAM! You have a crush. But that’s extremely common. As I switched on the TV one fine morning in Bihar, I suddenly realized that growing out of a crush can be extremely painful.
Imagine yourself meeting the person you had this huge crush on in college, completely out of the blue, and then suddenly there is no feeling. A part of you feels relieved that you have grown up considerably; the other part feels sad to remember how happy you were when you animatedly defended your crush’s latest flop or the latest zero in cricket against everyone whom you cared for in real life.

Sometimes, knowing the truth kills the magic of it all.


tania said...

huh? how did you manage to see her on tv?!

Anonymous said...

very true *sigh*