July 15, 2007

I guess that’s who I am

There has been a time in my life when my writing was essentially morose, something which very very egoistically I termed my ‘Keats’ian days. There have been few readers of this blog who keep asking me to put up those jottings but somehow I am never enthused. Trust me; it’s not difficult to write them. A lonely dark room, a psychedelic screensaver, Floyd in the winamp and you would feel like penning down your deepest regrets. Yes, they do sound nice. As a reading they are perhaps even better but I do not find a justification any more to be unhappy while I write when it’s so easy to be sad all through the day. The bigger challenge for all of us today I believe is to be happy and even though my posts might not be as witty as a PGW, at least they don’t remind me of a boulevard of broken dreams. I guess that’s who I am, just another ordinary guy, just trying to remain happy.


Anonymous said...

isnt tht wht all of us strive to be? to be happy :)....u just reflected a lot of common sentiments for lots of people....we all listen to boulevard of broken dreams when sad...trust Wodehouse to bring a smile to the face anytime....to each his own style....not the Wodehouse syle..dont think neone could even go close....but defnly a good style....and hence the requests for those as well mebbe?
watever be it....do keep posting:)

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

They say at one point of time all writers become egoists. With a reader like you I can smell the hint of an ego which shall not let me quit easily. But then there is always someone in my head yelling at me to stop the posts :-) Let's see