July 15, 2007

TV Series

I have never been a fan of TV series. While at BITS, most people seemed to be affected with the FRIENDS bug, but it never caught on to me. At IIMB, the people hard pressed for time often found TV Series a good time-efficient way to relax. There are in fact a very few series I would sit down to watch and here are three most favourite of mine. I have deliberately put out old Doordarshan serials as I do intend to relieve those good old days in another post.

The Wonder Years: My favourite show of all times. I watched it after I grew past Kevin’s age but somehow this series reminded me that kids and teens the world over are pretty much the same. It’s only when we grow up, we fill our heads with ideas and draw our own boundaries.

Scrubs: I started watching Scrubs the night I got my Summer Internship offer and I was hooked on to it. Somehow JD seemed to commit the same mistakes that I had committed or was committing, Dr. Cox had this wall built around him which I was so very familiar with and their life was so much like ours in the B school.

Mind your Language: A fascination for the Queen’s perhaps is my reason for absolutely loving this show. Though exaggerated at times, this show promised a multilingual world bound by a common language and I fell in love with it.

The other shows which have survived more than one viewing includes Heroes, for it’s X-men like fantasy, How I met your Mother for suddenly making me realize that even my friends were slowly settling down and I never bothered to think about it and FRIENDS for being a series which one could always watch reruns and never get tired of the same.


Anonymous said...

when u started the blog with how u never caught on to FRIENDS...was wonderin what was thr not to like it?i always wonder tht whenever i hear neone say tht....but wat u said at the end brought a smile....u betcha...cn watch the repeats umpteen number of times....
never watchd scrubs...so cant say about tht....Wonder years...yes...grew up wih it :) and Mind Your Language....too hilarious for words....rembr awaiting it every week....these certainly are on my list too...tho i hav a few others like Boy Meets World,Different Strokes,Who's the Boss...quite a few good ones

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Somehow living in a hostel and then a b school ensures that you are out of touch with television completely.

CJ said...

man... u were not hooked on to friends? wtf were all those auro-jopy-u sessions in 114 vk? :)

anyway... i'm still hopelessly in love with theat sitcom, and tho i wonder sometimes whether it's coz i have nothing better to do... it still persists... :)

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@CJ- How did you forget yourself in 114 VK?