March 16, 2009

Trring Trring

Retail Therapy is an old and trusted technique that ensures that when you are down and out a nice long day of shopping can cheer you up. More effective for women, this therapy works wonders even on men if chosen with a sense of purpose and understanding of the male psyche. So even if you don’t give the boy his toy, just let him loose in a toy store. As I look back, my retail therapy has always begun and ended on the Foods Aisle in a Supermarket. However, last three times, it was always something to do with a gadget, be it the camera, the HDD or even the new phone.

But then, sometimes you need to delve deep inside yourself and find out what is it really that’s calling you. Is it the i-phone? Is it the Nintendo V? Or is it something more basic? I’m not fond of gyms. One of my favourite ads has always been “RUN – you don’t need anything but the road.” And that’s why what I found out while I wondered what was lacking in my life.

Years back in a desert bereft of any modes of transportation except those that required someone else’s manual energy to be pumped into them, I walked. For one whole year I walked. And then Jopy came to the rescue. He handed over to me the prized possession of our wing. 1 week, 3 tetanus injections and 8 bandages on various parts of my body, I had learnt to cycle.

And like a photon I had streaked across the desert, leaving my tracks on Rajasthan and Haryana.

Times changed. The city doesn’t allow you to speed across the roads. But then, if you find out when, Mumbai gives you the opportunity. Mumbai always gives an opportunity to those who seek it and hence suddenly I found my Hero Razorback in its brilliant flashing red. It’s not a photon but it’s the mountain bike one dreams of when one’s a kid.

Yeah, laugh all you want but a cycle it is. Roads of Bandra and Khar, Beware.


WSW said...

Ditching the locals is it?Wish I was there to watch you riding to office :)

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Are you crazy? If I ride to office, I'll arrive 24 hrs late for meetings :)

This is lost love of biking forcing my hand to go inside my wallet

Shuvadeep said...

3 tetanus injections in 1 week...!!! You are immunized for 50 years I believe.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@ Kosom - You know the doctor I went to :D

Shrutz said...

You're falling everywhere, Bong babu? :)

The adventures we are all up to. Sigh.

katta said...

banjo, you should plan a pan-india cycling tour this summer...whatsay?
meeting your soup consumers on the way....and promoting your product!!!
distributing free samples too ;)

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@ Shruti - Head over heels :)

@ Abhiram - Ahem. I have already already cycled in every single place I have visited since 2002. :) And travelling salesman idea is a good one. Thanks

War - war said...

Banjo biking!! Yay yay! :) Congratulations!
(Psst. But this is making me feel guilty. My bike Turbo is just sitting there. And sitting there. And has been sitting for months now :| )