March 13, 2009

The Mavericks

Two years back, few men and women made a decision that surprised many. At the peak of investment banking boom in India they went ahead and joined the FMCG sector after graduating from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. Today as Norse Gods decide to sell biscuits and the banking cookie crumbles across the Big B school campuses during the placement season, it’s time to look at what each one of them are doing with their lives.

The Gargoyle runs after men and women threatening them with dire dental consequences if they do not change their toothbrushes every week. She was last seen threatening an old friend if he didn’t change his toothbrush more often.

The French bearded man carries a club with him, driving around Mumbai while he snoops around Modern Retail Outlets and ensures that pipelines are full. He seems to be reason for shelves brimming over with shampoo.

The un-married Tam plays poker in the night since otherwise he can be found washing dirty linen in public. He doesn’t believe “Daag Achhe Hain”.

The married Tam wonders why some hair oil sells only in Bihar. I look at him and nod intelligently. That’s one state of affairs I know pretty well.

The Alphabet Woman walks up to unsuspecting Telugu housewives, invites them for tea and then informs them that they will be charged at higher the MRP for the tea that they are having. These days Andhra Pradesh is drinking more tea in a day than Bengal does in a month and she has won several prospective Mothers-in-law.

The Son-in-law of Tamil Nadu is in the Land of the Rajputs ensuring that Mary Ko kuch Taqleef na ho.

The Maratha strongman is back in his own lair singing Jai Maharashtra and realizing that Honey hain toh Money Hain.

The head of the Uncultured is leading a team of unruly men as they go around holding hands of women and putting nail polish on them.

And I am swimming in a pool of soup in my dreams and nightmares.


Shreya said...

I lost you alphabet woman downwards ;) But excellent post SFS :D

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@Shreya - Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting post.. I loved it the most... Am head over heels in love with your BLOG.....