May 02, 2008

The Pepsi and Airtel Letdowns and Other Ads

Everyone who knows me and my craziness about brands, know fully well that I have always been a die hard Pepsi fan. I have rooted for them every time a new ad has come. I have reluctantly accepted the brilliance of the Thanda matlab Coca Cola campaign and yet have maintained that Pepsi connected better with its Target Segment. However, the last ad from Pepsi has disappointed me to no end. The introduction of the Youngistan Concept was a typical Pepsi execution. Funny, clever and witty with Shahrukh as the adoring elder brother, the ad was a winner. But when left alone by themselves, Ranbir and Deepika just fail to sizzle and the line that translates as “I wanted to drink your Pepsi that’s why I gave a speech.” I ave always maintained that Pepsi knows its Youth. And yet, if this is the youth of today, I am not sure if the time for my generation has come to migrate to Coke. For the first time Coke stole my heart with Gazab ki shaam hai yaaron, mile jo hum matwale... waqt na ye rukta hai, aaj tu jashn mana le...!

Speaking of Letdowns, the other company that made me crib incessantly to friends was Airtel and Nokia with their “Garb Se bolo Hallo” ad. And to think Nokia was giving us such gems as the Shahrukh ad that celebrates being in India and the N82-Story telling redefined ads. According to me it is one of the best I have seen for a mobile handset.

Of the ads I liked recently has been Havell’s fan. “Bizli ko bachati hain” was unbelievably raw and yet lovable. And however bad Vodafone Customer Care might be in reality, who will not adore the dog that runs behind a bus with the tie in its mouth?

PS: Recent reports however do show that some people do not like the ad :)

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Sweta Nandagiri said...

Didnt think you'd be a Pepsi Fan. I am utterly disappointed to know that.