April 17, 2008

Momma I'm Coming Home

There is more than one reason why I love Calcutta. A large part of me will always be a North Calcuttan Bengali, however busy a traveller I might become.

A quick snippet onto the Band that made this song. The first ever Bong Band in the 70s, the glory days of Bengali cinema, music and politics. Called Mohiner Ghoraguli, they were shooed out of auditoriums as they were much ahead of their times. Rest of India were alien to band culture as well. Calcutta and Mumbai had their Jazz bands at that time. Their recognition came in the nineties when the Band culture of Calcutta began to take shape. This song is called Ghore Ferar Gaan or The Homecoming

Ami gai ghore ferar gaan
utola keno e pran
sudhu je dake fire amake
bidesh bivnue pore ache tobu chade na keno
chade na pichu taan

ami tai ekhono klanthin
cholechi ratri din

suni chomke

jai thomke

kotha hote jeno soor chena khub chena

mono majhe molin

firbo bolle fera jai naki periecho desh kal jano naki e somoy
ekhono samne poth hnata baki chai leo dite parbena fnaki nischoy[2]

aami chai fire jete sei gaaein
badhano boter chaaein

sei nodi tir
hawa jhir jhir

moner gobhire pore thaka

joto sriti bisriti

kokhono ki bhola jay

ami pray ekhono khuji sei desh
jani nei oboshesh`morichikay

sopno dekhay

soishobe ar fera jabenato

nei poth nei

hariye geche se desh

firbo bolle fera jay naki
periyecho deshkal janonaki eshomoy

ekhono samne poth hata baki

chaileo dite parbena faki dite nischoy

PS: I know most of my readers are non bongs and also do not like lyrics pasted on my blog, but the last few days music has resurfaced as a saviour :)


The Sheep said...

:) I didn't understand it completely, kintu bhalo achhe.

Addy said...

Coincidentally, a new wave of modern Bangla music has hit the UK.
Baburam Shapure - a Bangladeshi song - climbed up into the UK top ten.

Shreya said...

There is this song, a favorite of mine, which I don't think too many Bongs know about - 'Thakur Jamai Aelo Badi te' - it's folksy, have u heard of it?

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@ Hil - Yups sobai bhalo ache.

@ Addy - COuldn't hear it, but if it's the remix version of Sukumar Ray's baburam Sapure, i'll never ever listen to this singer again :P

@ Shreya - One of the very famous songs that I love. Don't have it with me. But don't worry. Pritam will soon copy it for some Bollywood movie.