May 26, 2008

Goodbye at Worli Seaface

He stood at Worli sea face. All alone. He had always wanted to live in such a place and today he was. He could see the Bandra Worli Sea link from his window at night, and yet something kept him from being happy. They were leaving one by one. To Bangalore, to Calcutta, to different lives - with promises of staying in touch but the question was will they be able to?

Life turns after every now and then splitting people, separating lives, bringing in uncertainties but even if everything fades away, the goodbyes at Worli won’t.

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Aalap said...

They might have gotten introduced due to the events leading up to Worli Sea Face, but they didn't walk together because of them... In fact, they stuck together over a period neither short nor long in spite of those events... That is why those Goodbyes weren't accompanied by watered eyes, why those words about keeping in touch didn't sound hollow, why they are sure to keep walking together...