May 27, 2008

Nothing but a Shadow - C.M.Benny

Here we are walking
yet not talking
silence silence

we've grown apart
yet here we are
walking, but not talking

we are together
yet far apart
silence silence

I watch our shadows
with a sour look
slipping farther apart

This cannot be
what happened to you and me
silence silence

What happened over the summer
you found a job
and we stopped seeing each other

I wish our shadows would be close again
like when you and me were best friends
silence silence


Anonymous said...

Good one! Times,people, relationships change...and one is left wondering...why can we not stop time; hold onto memories as if they were the present...good things seldom last do they !

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

but memories do... and that's the beauty of it all :)