June 02, 2008

Of Liquor and Food

Since I came back to Mumbai I again went ahead to explore the food options in Mumbai. Ever since I left Bangalore I missed the Andhra style restaurants where the waiters really wanted you to eat and leave as a happy man or woman. Thanks to JK, I was introduced to Ram Naik. This is a small South India just outside Matunga Railway Station. They serve meals here and not the usual idli dosas. It’s a relief for all those like me who are tired of eating out every night; find the guest house food to be too bland and the dabbas not up to the mark. The best part these days however is an almost out of the world mango juice which is worth every penny you spend on it.

Also I have been searching for authentic Maharashtrian food for some time. I think I have found one at Mahim near Goa Portuguese. It still requires one more visit before I put the details up on this blog.

When it comes to food I am unabashedly jingoistic. After coming to Mumbai and having vada pavs for breakfast, lunch and dinner at times I feel ashamed at the craziness we displayed for the sole McDonalds in Canaught Place in Delhi when we used to travel back from Pilani. For all those who come into Mumbai and want to have safe vada pavs they must visit the Jumbo King outlets near almost every railway station.

Coming to liquor however I come a cropper. I can give you details of every single mocktail served in any pub in Bengalooru. Give me a few months in Mumbai and I’ll be able to tell you the same about Mumbai. But the point is I somehow like the pubs and lounges of Bangalore much better than Bombay. Even Hard Rock CafĂ© I find dull and boring these days. But one day I’ll be able to give you the details about Mumbai pubs.

In my numerous visits to pubs with friends, teams and whoever joined, I have most often been the one to tell the auto or the taxi driver where to go. In fact, if it were the US, I would be the designated driver of the group. But these outings have also helped me to find out the easy getaways for the teetotallers of the world. The answer my friends is Apple Juice. Given its colour the Appy Fizz or even a normal Apple juice can easily be misconstrued as a glass of Whiskey. The other option is Sprite or Mirinda. Have a glass in your hand and you can happily pass it off as Vodka. Take the Apple Juice in your hand, go and shake your body on the dance floor and you are safe for the night. In case, just in case you have to show alcoholic content in the beverage in your hand pick up a Breezer and claim that you are having a bad day. It works. Always.

But if you are a non smoker then even I am at a loss how to save you from the passive smoking that is a given in these places.


Anonymous said...

But if you are a non smoker then even I am at a loss how to save you from the passive smoking that is a given in these places.

Maybe the maxim "If you can't beat them, join them" will work here?

Anonymous said...

this post reminded me of those days when i used to visit matunga east on every weekend...for every meal. now its too far to go frequently...all the way from andheri :(

- abhi

jk said...

dude ! u mean the maharashtrian food in Diva Maharastracha in mahim ?? we will go there sometime next week when i am there ! I also will take u to a small hotel called prakash in dadar which has an outstanding Maharashtrian cuisine :)


Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@vivek - The maxim doesn't work always :)

@Abhi - stop running off to Hyd and visit Matunga instead :)

@ JK - Prakash and DM plans are being drawn up. Leave no restaurant standing... That's the motto in every city I visit :) Come back fast.