December 13, 2009

The Vampire Love Story II

So I watched the second installment of the Twilight Saga. The vampires did not disappoint me at all. And to top that off, there were werewolves. And that’s fascinating. So here is how the story goes.

Bella cuts her finger at a family gathering. Seeing the blood, her in laws want to eat her up. So controlling their urge, they leave the city. Now like most women she has a best friend who’s a guy. Given the fact that her blood sucking lover boy is out of sight, she goes and meets her best friend. But you know what, they can be just friends. And of course, he can do a complete makeover of her bike for free. Thrice the poor guy tries to kiss her and thrice she plays the friend card. No wonder he turns into a werewolf.

And as we all know, werewolves and vampires do not get along well together. So imagine Bella, who Victoria the babe vampire wants to kill, is being protected by her vampire in-laws and her werewolf best friend. Way to go girl. You’ll go places.

I actually have decided I do not want to read the series. The movies are just too much fun to watch.

I also cleared some backlog and watched London Dreams. London Dreams suffered from having a completely forgettable music score. When you make a movie about music, you should definitely have great music. Salman and Ajay both acted well. Ajay was the typical caught between crossroads guy who always wanted to be “Mai ka Lal Jaikishan” from his childhood. And such a “Mai ka lal” he was that he actually was able to survive in London without a penny as a child. Mind blowing. I also watched De Dana Dan. I remembered laughing a few times here and there. But that’s just about all I can remember.