November 25, 2009

Random Things

Well, I have always had close friends but even with close friends I have kept boundaries. Apart from the Bro Code which has never been broken, we have ensured that we never share toothbrush and undergarments. But things changed one Friday night. A sleepy me picked up a new toothbrush and from next day onwards planned to use it. On Sunday night as three men in the house were watching Kingfisher Hunt for the Calendar Girl I started brushing and G fainted. To cut a long story short, all brushes were discarded and I was lectured on the difference between colours. The story ends here. And we shall never again discuss it. Let me however tell you how I met a school friend after 9 years in a lift in Express Towers. See, I have good stories to tell as well. He flew down from Australia for some work and had to be in the same elevator as me.

Kurbaan – The Story Behind The Story - Well, the French Bearded Man asked me to come along to watch Kurbaan with me and I guess it was time well spent. Kurbaan is a beautiful movie. One of the very few times I have loved a movie for its plot rather than individual performances. And Kurbaan stood tall in that count. It’s not just about terrorism but how people deal with it and how often reasons are confused. This movie will not answer your questions but will show you how the human mind is confused when faced with questions that its does not understand. And that is where Kurbaan wins.

Oh and by the way, Paths of Glory was my first disappointment with Jeffrey Archer. I always fascinated about Mallory and his quest for Everest and when I heard he was writing about Mallory, I was expecting a lot more. But this became a boring 400 odd pages.

So I went out to have some fresh air in Bandstand and asked this auto guy. He started laughing. “Arre Boss! Aap akele Bandstand ja rahe ho!” Having G with me didn’t help. Unfair world I say. But then Consumer Behaviour is returning as a course in IIM Bangalore. And that beats every other news.


Kavity said...

Wow! Finally some batch has understood the importance of con beh and the futility of two years if not taught by rambo! Great news:)

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...