November 16, 2009


Years back a kid used to take his sister’s history book and read all he could about ancient empires; and all that while he would imagine that he would be there one day. Of all the great cities of the past, one enchanted him far more than many others – Constantinople. He read about it while reading about the Byzantine Empire, he came across it while following the Ottoman Turks. He read about it while studying the Khilafat agitation. And all through, his wandering mind led him to Istanbul - The city that bridges Europe with Asia serving as a meeting point of the Orient and the West through the centuries

Today, the boy is physically a man; his mental maturity though remains a cause of concern. But then life’s little ironies got him across to a hotel overseeing the Bospherous and there he sat on The Star Board Restaurant, the winds kissing his face, a sumptuous breakfast tray now completely empty and he started writing. This is his story; his observations and his falling in love with Modern Day Istanbul and also of course to show that his knowledge of Turkish Spelling is extremely poor.


Meow said...

So you in Istanbul??? Whoa!! Enjoy :) Thank you for visiting my another blog :) :)

Shreya said...

great :)

Neeraj said...


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Shrutz said...

Jealousssssss!!! :)