June 20, 2008

After Lord Krishna

He considered Lord Krishna to be a Dude. As in he thought Lord Krishna was the dude who defined what many years later people would term as dude-ism. Think about it. He had a happily married life, plotted better than most war game strategists and before doing that was the apple of the eye of an entire legion of women from one region alone. Imagine if Politics had not taken up his time, he would have been Love’s one and only Flag bearer for the entire world.

Typically we admire people for traits we do not have. He therefore was the typical Indian male brought up on the steady diet of statutory warnings “dating is bad for health” Too much time spent with friends made him a complete ignoramus on other type of relationships. So all through college he survived on the steady dope of tea at night with friends and home cooked food by mom.

As luck would have it, he had to go and take up a job. (It should be noted that Lord Krishna did not have to apply for a job). Our hero was pretty happy with the way things were going till one day his boss caught him at 5:30 on a Thursday evening.

“So what are your plans for the weekend?”

“hmmm.. errr… let’s see.. maybe a play.. or a movie. To be frank, I don’t know.”

“Are you serous?”

So in all his magnanimity the Big Boss decides that our hero needs a life. Promptly he decides to call up the dating agency and says, “I need 24 dates for my kid tomorrow. He needs to know more about women.”

And so it happened. He went to his 24 dates. And life changed for him. He realized that Lord Krishna was not just a dude. He was a cool dude. To be able to handle so many women is not a child’s play. By the time the dates ended, he was perspiring, frightened to death and almost ready to run a marathon if only to escape.

Women… they are scary.

(Disclaimer: The story is a complete figment of imagination and does not bear any semblance to any person dead, alive or existing in your imagination.)


Shreya said...

Haha! 24 dates in day - is madness raised to infinity..and I bet the story has some relation to some person somewhere :P

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Might be :) But I don't know any such person :P

Anonymous said...

How would Lord Krishna's rise from dude to super dude change this guy's life ??
And y the :P after disclaimer#2 ?
And 24!!! cummon? There really are so many vela girls in town in a day?
And then yeah the "scary" species are put to death now,then,there and sometimes before birth (still)... so to reduce the nations fear level is it? That case yes we are scar- y or ed I dont know!

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Dear random-dom - The ways of Gods were too complex for my story's hero to understand. I'm sure there are some cosmic powers at Play. Maybe he's Kalki?

The :P after the so called second disclaimer came as a response to the :P in the earlier comment. You expect me to not answer a :P ? :O

24 - That's the number. If I had wanted it to be cheeky or geeky I'd have used 42. I'm sure there'd be proof somewhere if this was not imaginary. But then as I said it's imaginary. About velaness though. It's relative. What if they thought spending time with our hero was not velapanthy?

About your last point. It's perhaps the greatest shame of our nation and culture and traditions.


But leaving that aside, I guess the normal people like our hero are scared of you all simply because you are so awesome and at the same time so incomprehensible. It's fear out of admiration and respect.

Soumya Sen said...

24 dates?! You really have some good imaginative power for someone so incapable of handling even a single date with a medical student-that too not a date per se, just a meeting! Stories about a world full of cancer, bacterias and AIDS made you retreat into your shell until roly-poly came to your help.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

In my defense, technically it was your date :) I just went for the food :)