June 03, 2008

Mind Games

Stop playing mind games with me. I can take it no more. We have been at this for years now, trying to prove our supremacy over each other. For what? I have always accepted you are better. You were a better human being than me. Every single day of our times together.

If I been hard on you I never chose to be

I never wanted no one else

I tried my best to be somebody you'd be close to

Hand in hand like friends are supposed to

Every time we spar a new gash opens up beside the old ones. The old ones that will perhaps take ages to heal and they constantly remind me of you. So I do not mind them. Every time I break free from your shackles, you instigate me back into the game. There was a time when you inspired me. Your thoughts still do.

It’s an unfair game. My gender goes against me. Your tribe plays to crush the opponent. My clan plays without thought; we play to win, sometimes we play just not to lose. Your steely eyes numb us. We always have been the ‘real’ weaker sex and yet our chauvinism never allowed us to accept it.

Now you and me go parallel together and apart

And you keep your perfect distance and it's tearing at my heart

Did you never feel the distance

You never tried to cross no line

'CAUSE it's another dirty river and another dirty scar

And I don't know who's kissing you and I don't know where you are

So far from home don't you think of me sometime

I know you want me to play. I know you want to see me defeated, broken, begging for mercy. I know you want to bring me down on my knees from the pedestal we both stood together on. It’s unfair again since I want to see you win. And therefore, I promise you tonight that I’ll play. I’ll make you earn your victory, I’ll make you perspire, and I’ll see to it that you gasp for every breath you take. It’ll be a spectacle for those who know of this game.

And when you stand victorious over me, your sword unsheathed and bloodied, the ground unable to distinguish between our bloods, I will see the pride in your posture, I’ll note the hatred in your eyes and the love in a forgotten corner of your heart.

I know the end will come but the last thing my eyes will hope to see is not the glint of the steel but the pearl in the corner of your eye.

PS: Lyrics courtesy Dire Straits


addy said...

Gosh! The women are really doing you in these days...

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@Addy - 'These days'? :P since the stone age my boy. :D

Shrutz said...

!!!! WHEN, BANJO? :D And more importantly, can I watch?

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@ Shrutz - Choose your answer :)

1. Watch??? I thought you would play a hand or two with me. How disappointing :( Typical consult. Okies, watch but don't bill your hours on me.:P

2. Stay away. It's a Bloodsport. Not for kids.