April 09, 2008

Randomness Again

One more post on arbit things that happen everyday. A few of us have a daily ritual. Every morning we say good morning to each other, crib about something or the other under the sun and then go on with our lives and excel sheets and data analysis. Yes, our data might be a little different. I might be looking at how many grams of tea a man needs. Someone else would try to figure out how sub prime mortgage crisis affects the GDP of Tanzania. But of the cribs I normally hear end up with “Dude I need a Lakshya:” Now this is one movie that should not have been made. It gave every confused guy an awesomely cool punch line.

So after one such conversation, I was going through Vivek’s blog and found this really funny piece.

When I was watching Die Hard 4, it certainly struck me, how useless MBAs really are. I mean, imagine New York is under siege, the last thing you are likely to hear around the streets are: “You are an MBA, do something!”

Yeah, so I am not actually doing something that will change the world, but at least my work involves getting into the minds of the people and figuring out what women and men want. I’d like to believe that my work helps you reading this blog with better choices and products. Yeah, I guess we MBAs from some of the toughest schools in the country add some value to lives and not just to GDPs.

In another update, people in this world are not getting PJs. We got this great Cowboy hat and posed with it in the middle of the desert. NOT ONE single person got the connection between Dubai and cowboy hats. And thus no one called us ‘camelboys’. And I thought it was a definite winner. Worse things happened. When Camelboy did not work I at least expected that people remember Indiana Jones. But kids these days… all they could think of was Brokeback Mountain. What’s the world coming to?

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Surendra said...

Dude, you forgot my scrap after your new profile-picture on Orkut.