February 25, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

Before I begin, let me clarify that this is not about my sister. Between the two of us there strangely has been no sort of rivalry simply because she is way too good. I mean from the time I had some sense I have always looked up to her and the family too believes that she is the stud of the family. But even she is not invincible. My dad claims that my niece is more intelligent than sis and I put together. Mom seems to be agreeing to it to.

Anyway, apart from the fact that I get no “Bhao” from my own family, this post is about the sibling I found in the granite blocks of Bengalooru.

Both of us went to the best B school located between Bannerghatta and Arekere. I think that is as much as I can safely say these days. No one knows when another ranking will come up and people will start decrying the IIMs. In fact, it is strange that both my UG and PG institutes firmly refuse to be a part of any ranking procedure and I love this show of defiance. But I divert again. Typing in a moving taxi is not all that great an experience.

So where was I? Right. Sibling and I were in different sections in our first year without much interaction except that by the end of it, both of us knew we wanted to be in Marketing. It was by sheer chance of fate that we landed up together in the abode of God (who for the uninitiated is as merciless and as hard a taskmaster as Stallone). What followed was one year of an excruciatingly painful but intellectually overwhelming journey. By the end of it both of us were conceited enough, and perhaps still are, to claim ourselves to be studs. (Well, I do think she is one)

Well, to make long stories short, I went to sell soaps in Bihar while she went to sell tea in Bangalore and reality was hitting on both of us pretty harshly. Finally the other day we met in Mumbai. I have already given a lengthy discourse on meeting people after a long period but this is a friendship we can take up even 20 years later exactly from where we left off in campus.

Anyway, there was a piece of great news that she had to give me. Finally, finally the showdown that we always spoke of will happen.

So for my sibling… sing with me the jingle… Sibling… The best a man can get :)

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CJ said...

couldnt see any rivalry in the post buddy :)