February 25, 2008

Mumbai Salsa

Yeh jo Public hain – The greatest example of public power in Mumbai is perhaps in the railway stations. For example, every morning when I get down from the train at Andheri, I need not spend even one bit of energy. It is the man (and woman) power that pushes me out of the train, up and down the stairs and finally on the streets. In fact, the other day I was taken to Goregaon, asked where I want to get down, pushed down the train when everyone realized that I was going to the other side and again put back on the train towards the track.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna – Every day as I go to office and take the train back, I meet these groups of daily passengers who always ensure that there is a heavy dose of kirtans. I guess it’s a nice idea to ensure that the day begins and ends with something that at least a little non materialistic. For me, I read the paper or a book. But mostly, it is Mumbai Mirror, giving me my daily dose of celebrity gossip.

Public display of affection – Mumbai is a lovely city. Love seems to be in the air. You see it in the gardens around the city, at the Chowpattis, at the rocks beside the sea and obviously on the back seats of the taxis. And at night Loveguru comes on FM to solve any of their problems. Irritating at times, but as long as I remain a supporter of freedom of expression, I do not see a problem.

BEST – Till recently I did not need to board a bus. But I could not bear the thought of leaving Mumbai without getting up on its buses. And I realized that it is n excellent way to know the city better. BEST buses in Mumbai are disciplined, frequent and though train travel might be faster, BEST bus rides can be a treat a little in the evening, if you get a place to seat. Having been on the bus now, I seriously would love to get stuck in traffic on a bus rather than on a cab.

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