February 25, 2008

The Food Fanatic

I always wonder if God wanted us to diet, he would not have let us invent recipes. Being the God fearing person that I am, I believe therefore that it is my solemn duty to appreciate every such recipe as created by men. People wonder how a good plate of Lasagne can capture my imagination more than a couple of beautiful but undernourished women nibbling on their Caesar salad at the next table. Anyway, since I can not ever explain to them that a beautifully made dish is equivalent to Mozart’s symphony, I prefer to keep silent. But it seems that I am not alone. The director of Ratatouille obviously thinks so too. It was heartening to see a movie give food the respect that it deserves. We live in a world of ready made food and quick solutions. Sometimes, it’s good to pause awhile and remember the cuisines that we have lost due to our busy lifestyles. Perhaps elish macher paturi will no longer be made at a Bengali household, perhaps the sambhar at my friend’s place will be the MTR ready to eat version, but even then they will stay on in our memories.

Due to certain reasons, I haven’t been able to explore the food scenario in Mumbai as much as I would have liked to. But anyway, here are some places worth mentioning.

Chandragupta – This Indian Food joint is just opposite the powerhouse of Maharashtra politics – Shiv Sena Bhawan. Situated at a convenient location, yet a little distance from Sivaji Park, it offers good Indian food, although expensive. However, when you have a man following every customer to the restroom to hand him a paper towel, what else can you expect.

Pizzeria and Not just Jazz by the Bay – comes out a winner simply because of its location. Excellent pizzas and then a walk down Marine Drive, the perfect setting for good food and a romantic night out.

Peshawari – The most overpriced restaurant I have ever been to where a Naan variety can cost as much as one rupee less than a grand. Yups, that’s exactly what you think it is. An excellent choice to impress your clients and offering really great kebabs. But vegetarians might find it coming out a cropper. Do not miss out on the Dal Makhani here.

Oh Calcutta – They say bongs will find it even if it is located in a not so searchable location. Excellently prepared food, but try not to experiment too much. Stick with the suggested dishes as they have mastered making them. And yes, you can order in Bengali.

Grill Cottage – The most value for money restaurant in my second most favourite place in Mumbai. On Carter Road, this place has old-fashioned sitting arrangements and a person who will come with a pitcher and wash basin to help you wash your hands. Try the Full Lassi here. Many a friends have been asked, “inke liye to launga, aap ke liye bhi full glass?”

Crepe Station – my favourite Brunch Location also on Carter Road. Nice, quiet and serving good Italian dishes, this is a must visit if you want to impress someone with your refined taste for food and yet not come out as very flashy.

Royal China – Though I have mostly covered Mumbai food joints geographically, meticulously covering each and every milestone in specific areas, I have also diverted in search of good food. The best Chinese joint in Mumbai according to me is in Powai near Hiranandani. One of the few authentic Chinese places.

Satranj Napoli – At Andheri, this place might aid you rub shoulders with the who’s who of Bollywood. The first time I went there, I saw Ramu of RGV ki Aag infamy. The interesting fact is that this place serves Indian and Italian cuisine with equal ease and dishes out K serial starlets every hour.

Tavaa – one of the safest on the pocket in the hugely expensive city of Mumbai. In case, you cannot manage to get into Moti Mahal in Bandra, you should try out this nice place just nearby. The veg starters here are extremely good and you must try them even if you are a hard-core non vegetarian.

Amici – After you walk out of Tavaa or Pot Pouri, you should walk into Amici’s for its heavenly 96% Fat free dark chocolate gelato.

God exists. :)


sap said...

treat me! :D

again. :P

CJ said...

MAN i wish u're there when i visit mumbai... reading descriptions of indian food make me DROOL :(

fatmanwalking said...

Ha! Two of those are top of my list! :)
The Pizzeria and Crepe Station! Tayk!