November 29, 2007

Looking Back

He walked forward with a smile on his lips, to what he knew would be his doom. He knew that there perhaps would be a knife driven straight through his heart and yet he did not care. She was waiting… for him. With anticipation he inched forward and nothing happened. He stood there; without armour; waiting for her to strike down his heart and yet she did not make the final move. Instead, she welcomed him with arms wide open.

He held her close; wondering if this was all a dream. There was only one word fit to describe what he felt – ecstasy. The past was gone forever. It was a new beginning.

Some say, her aim was immaculate and he never felt anything. Others say he never bothered. He always was ready to give up everything for that one last moment of ecstasy when she was his and his alone.
But they all agree that the smile never left his face even when he felt the first warm trickle down his spine.

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CJ said...

"on a hot summer night will u offer ur throat to the wolf with the red roses?" donno why but this post reminded me of that line :)