November 05, 2007

The Intellectual Elitist

There are certain problems associated with working under some of the best professors in their fields. They inculcate a sense of perfection in you which is hard to let go of. You are never satisfied with half baked answers. You always want proof even for your own assumptions; unless it’s one of those hunches you tend to pick up in the markets wearing your shoes out. You begin to believe in JSTOR more than in Google; you begin to hate definitions picked up from the Internet, most of which are half baked or are not even cited. It becomes worse when you look down upon the greatest structure of Internet Democracy (in the form of Wiki) simply because of its lack of affiliation or accreditation.

It is then that you know that you have become an Intellectual Elitist to the extent of being called a snob; the word geek doesn’t come anymore as a form of insult; instead you begin to like it. You don’t mind questioning; you get upset when the answers are not there. And it’s then when you know that Man’s eternal quest for the Ultimate Truth still has a fighting chance.


CJ said...

F*** u if u look down upon wiki! and man... u serious about the post? man's ultimate quest... and you?

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

I adore wiki :-) It's only when people use it to put definitions in exams.