November 19, 2007

Yeh Hain Mumbai Meri Jaan - I

Advertising at its best – In one of the train compartments I saw this amazing advertisement for a service, pretty much unheard of. This ad proudly proclaimed that they offer delivery of condoms anywhere in the city with the promise of strict anonymity. The first line said it all – “Are there too many people at the Chemist’s shop?”

Train them Young - I saw this young daddy the other day, kid on his arms, wife at his side and shopping bags of Diwali on my back. But what amazed me was the way his son imitated him and was learning to hold the rails on top to keep himself steady. It would come in handy when he becomes tall enough to reach them by himself.

Hot Favourites – I have found my favourite breakfast place, the Café Coffee Day on Carter Road in Bandra overlooking the sea with an impressive view, partially blocked by political signage. Guess it would be frequently visited now. I think I love Mumbai because of its closeness to the sea. Be it the walk along the Marine Drive or the beaches at Dadar, the Arabian Sea makes me feel at peace with the World.

The Cabbies at Work – I have always respected the cab drivers of Mumbai. After facing the blatant thievery of the autos in Delhi and the unconcealed impertinence of the autos in Bangalore, Mumbai is like a heaven to all. And till date some of my best conversations have happened with the cab drivers in Mumbai. They take me around the city, always introducing me to newer places, newer routes, telling me how to identify a good cabbie from a bad. I think the best description of Mumbai came to me from one of them. “Mumbai bahut fast hain bhai.”

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CJ said...

i relate a lot to the cab driver thingie... even with my mumbai experience of just a coupla weeks :)