February 27, 2011

The Lost Song

All that Titir wanted was to sing. And the forest loved to hear her.

She flew from branch to branch, carefree and passionate. She made songs that she hoped that the forest would love to hear. Sometimes she sang for herself, sometimes she sang for the forest. And often she wondered who she actually wanted to sing for. It all seemed fuzzy at times but she was happy as long as she sang. And to her that’s what mattered.

The Pride heard about Titir and they called her to The Den. The lionesses sat on their high rocks, set according to the hierarchy, the hierarchy of their closeness to the lion. The Great Game was always on in The Den; the lionesses knew that they were the ones that controlled the forest in the Lion’s name. Having Titir in their control would just make them feel good about the power they held.

Titir kept singing in The Den as she thought it was no different. She never needed a stage to sing. But slowly she missed the forest, the trees and the sky. The Den slowly closed in on her and she began to miss those simple says which made her songs so natural, so close to everyone’s heart. She went to the Lionesses and requested to leave The Den. They laughed.

That’s the day she realized, it was always a one way ticket.

And then one day, Titir stopped singing. She mouthed the lyrics to the set tunes. They were beautiful as ever, but the song was gone.

All that Titir had wanted was to sing. And the forest wanted to hear her, again.


thefatherearth said...

I feel i can relate to this post somehow.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Thanks Father :)