February 15, 2011

Feb 14th and a Broccoli

There was a rose in the house when I walked in and it brought back memories from Pilani and the roses on the morning of Feb 14th, few of which till date remains a mystery. The others have been traced back to more or less reliable sources. Todays remain unknown.

And I must eulogize love and eternal bliss but this is the most apt Val D post I can think of. You have a right to laugh if not love :)

For all the good men… and to the few who sighed today, “good guys finish last”

Roz: [to Frasier] Why can't more men be like you? I mean, you are exactly what women are looking for.
Frasier: Yeah. Women I date don't seem to know that.
Roz: Some women don't know what's good for them.
Frasier: [dejectedly] Terrific. I'm the broccoli of dating.

Remember, people always turn to broccoli, most a little late.


K said...

Good one :)

Kavity said...

Love the Broccoli simile!

Anand Kashyap said...

awesome piece banjo!

Shrutz said...

I told you... I know nice women who like broccoli.

Shreya said...

Haha. Jo-ban. But who was the mystery rose-giver?

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@ ALL - thanks :) and Shreya no idea :) and no intention to get the idea. The mystery makes it interesting

Anonymous said...

Story of my life, man.