February 08, 2011

G, Me, Red Bull – Yeh Saali Zindagi

While I was travelling as usual in a New Year rush to meet new consumers and understand and evaluate new ideas, I stopped over at G’s. Me and G sipping Red Bulls always brings out the worst in us and add to that the cosy winter end weather of Delhi and you have potential for life changing ideas. Interestingly, that night, we both were tired of what life was doing with us – in a sense; we were growing old, physically mostly but to some extent mentally as well.

So we did what we always do best – go and watch a movie. My fascination with Chitrangada Singh continues to this day. If not fit for legends, then definitely some of my last poems were inspired as I was about to embrace capitalism in IIMB while Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi spoke of dreams unfulfilled. In fact, I think I had fallen in love with Geeta, her character in the movie. Cutting a long story short, Yeh Saali Zindagi it was. I can’t deny a part of me wanted to watch Yamla Pagla Deewana as well – it had Sunny paaji and a bucketful of whiskey. Now how bad can that be?

And Sudhir Mishra blew us away. The storytelling, the direction, the jump cuts, the twists in every five minutes, the entire narrative style was one of the most refreshing I have come across in recent times. But Irfaan Khan – he stole the show. His character came straight out of a Keatsian tragedy and I was sure that was my story being played out. “Love and bullet are very similar. Both pierce your heart and go away.” It was two love stories, one man trying hard to become good for his family while the other in a strange sense of selfless love continues to get into trouble for the woman he knows has no love for him. Eeriely familiar, is it not? Now G and I could not agree whose story of life it resembled more, given that our theoretical relationships have always been one without an ending :)

In our story, of course there were mushroom kebabs post the movie, critical analysis of the differences between Delhi and Mumbai women, caramel popcorn during the interval and lachha parathas, not necessarily in the same order.

Does the guy get the girl in the end? Watch for yourself and you won’t be disappointed. Unless of course you loved Geeta. Priti is just not up to the mark. That’s the beauty of first loves. They create such an impact, everything else falls short in comparison.

After all, yeh saali zindagi badi haarami hain, par haamesha haseen khwab dikhake jaati hain.

That, by the way, was copyright Banjo. You can quote me if you like :)

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