January 25, 2010

Free Fall

The angel looked at His Lord for the last time. He knew there would not be any sense of emotion in Those eyes and yet he hoped to find an answer. The task he had been sent out for was yet incomplete. In fact, in what could be called at its best incomplete information, he was asked to figure out the task and complete it. The Lord had promised that he would understand it all when the task was done.

He had travelled across the Universe to find his task and yet he could not. But everywhere he went, he felt more and more human. The Ethereal soul that he had started with was slowly getting extinguished. Today as he stood, he had trouble remembering that he was an angel. He had been born and re born so many times in a human body he did not even remember when was the first time he had opened his eyes to look at a face that had resembled his Lord’s.

Today as he stood before his Lord he saw Vivacious, his best friend, his worst enemy and another of Lord’s angels. V was standing in front of the Eternal Throne as well but he wasn’t tied up. He did look haggard, all of them did, but he was still undefeated. His heart felt proud for V. He had survived the onslaught of Maya, the enchantress. All around him angels lay dying, losing their spirits, succumbing to Maya and yet V stood still.

He remembered a conversation with V while they were facing Caesar for the first time outside Rome. He had laughed at V asking me to not let his mind get rigid but embrace Maya to be able to move out of it. Today, he felt a pang of jealousy. Maybe the rigidity was what had saved V, the last angel standing.

The Lord raised his eyes and slowly the heaven’s flew upwards. He was in Free Fall. One more life was spent in vain searching for the task. The empty space flew past him. Once he hit the ground, it would all be over but he knew his fall will be prolonged. This was the punishment for the most loved Angels. All through they would wonder if they deserve this and if they will ever know what the task really is. Legends have it that at times new wings grow out of their bloodied bodies as they are falling and they can fly back from mortality.

He was in Free fall. He prayed, not for miracle but for V to find the answer that he would now not know for another life, till another age.

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sayrem said...

Paradise once lost,must,Must be Regained.

....to be continued.