October 31, 2009

Dil Titli Sa...

So today morning I woke up in a state of awesomeness. Normally the state of awesomeness is wrongly attributed to Barney Stinson but I believe that it is a destiny that most Bengali Intellectuals have succumbed to. Take for example, J.C.Bose. Even though we all know that he invented radio, the correct answer in Quizzes has always been Marconi.

Years later when people write about awesomeness, they will talk about Barney, but you, my reader can node your head and say, “Hah. It was a concept derived out of Banjoism” (We bongs love our “-ism”s. Marxism, communism, neo capitalism, Bhadrolokism, Buddhababuism, Banjoism… You get the drift.)

Anyway, as I said, the morning was awesome. I woke up and saw none of my roommates. I cross checked my cell phone. My alarm had not yet rung. I had 15 minutes extra in my life. Yesterday night was still a blur. I remember having dragged myself back home and switched on my music player. As ironic as it may sound, the Bong rock “Nemesis” started playing. It was a song that you hear at the height of frustration in life, when you are so down and so out, you begin to wish ill for people who may or may not have an importance in your life.

Given that I am incapable of hate and feelings of retribution to anyone, even those let us say who promise me a brunch and forget all about it, I need to resort to external sources. So hearing Nemesis always pumps me up. So I heard Nemesis, did a little jig around the house and then plopped down on the bean bag.

It was about 21:00 hours and I normally do not see 21:00 hrs at home. So I picked up the set of CDs I got from my boss and played “How Green Was My Valley.” Beautiful movie. You must watch it. The acting is perhaps as good as Bindu Dara Singh’s portrayal of Hanuman, but the story is absolutely touching. In a world of decay, it’s a story of men, not heroes. It’s not about Frodo saving the Middle Earth. It’s about men who held on to all that’s dear to them and slowly saw it all slipping away and finally letting go. But most importantly all that was worthy of remembrance.

But that was last night. Today morning, as I cycled around I also realized that Didi is one of my best friends. Because she fights for me against mom. Yes, of course, she extracts her pound of flesh for her services but they are well worth it. For example, let’s say she knows that I have grown out of chocolates and there are only two types of chocolates in this world that excite me anymore. So when mom was doing chocolate shopping for me and telling me one after the other what she thought best for me, it took one call from my sis to empty that bag of chocolates and re think the buying process.

Ahhh Chocolates!!!

So VD is moving to Singapore. It’ll not be the same in office without her. She was one of my first friends at work and though a lot lot senior to me, she was always nice and helpful. I will miss her but I guess that’s how life is. Monday will feel different in the office.

Today they are planning a shoot on Carter Road. A lot of equipment is being set up. I guess it’s all about showbiz in this part of the town. There’s always so much happening.

December is gonna be bad. Almost everyone I know is getting married in December. So from end of November to around 15th of December there are around 15 weddings and then one more, the last and the most important for the year. Humanly impossible to attend them all but who knows what might happen.

The mood is awesome. I have a slight fever and in the pretext of that I don’t have to plan the weekend. My sugarcane juice guy has raised his price by Re. 1. The price of sugarcanes have gone up by Rs. 100 it seems.

My random phone friend called me before leaving for Pune. We spoke of random things at random moments. And now as Jenifer’s body is playing I think it’s a very funny movie. Megan Fox supposedly is a man eater. (Naughty boys!!! Not the type you are thinking about.) She just was trying to eat up her best friend.

Oh how I love watching horror movies in the afternoon!!! Someone twice my size just got eaten up. Now he wasn’t unhappy as long as Megan was eating him but then true to horror movies she started looking pretty disgusting. Yayayyayay!!! It’s Halloween tonight :)

The mind is jammed right now. Too may numbers, Gross margins, profit and loss statements all running in circles. But the heart flutters in its own will.

Dil titli, dil titli sa…

(Title courtesy - Airtel)


Meow said...

So many things??? :O

Shreya said...

U did a little jig around the house? :)

Kavity said...

@ Shreya: Good question!
@ Banjo: Same from me too! :D :D

Sweta Nandagiri said...

I didnt know you put on music and do a lil jig occasionally. Man, I've got too see it.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Don't be mean people :)

shubhangi said...

Make sure you are around for the last wedding of the year otherwise you wont be able to do a lil jig for a while :P

sayrem said...

wrongly attributed to?
WRONGLY attributed to? :0