October 28, 2009

Late Night Messages and Movies you Should not watch

The inevitable finally happened. The Department of Photography is going digital. Last 2 weeks have been a crazy effort to raise the money for the kids. And as I saw the updates I realized we will fall short. For the first time, we will fail in fund raising. It really felt bad and irritating I just shut the laptop down and started watching The Ugly Truth. It might have become a cult movie if it was meant to be one. It falls short of the brilliance of Hitch.

And then A messaged and reminded me of my Shawshank Moment. It was an afternoon a long time back. Suddenly the skies grew dark and before anyone knew the rocks fell from heaven. Cold shivers ran through all who were out. And people started running. Men and women searched for shelters. And I stood there welcoming the manna from the heavens above. Suddenly, I felt like a bird swooping across Sky. And the message in a moment transferred me back there. Thanks.

But now let me tell you about the trauma I have been through last week. In a rather depressing Diwali weekend, we decided go and do something. Given that nice bachelor boys often end up in movie theatres, we did too. And met Mr. and Mrs. Khanna. And the world was never the same again.

We went into the hall 15 minute late. And those 15 minutes were the best moments of my life for what transpired after that is best left unsaid. We tried to laugh, cry, feel the pain but all we could do was try to look for an exit. The movie helped us to realize we should no longer live in Mumbai. We should take up a job at the Airports in Australia. We will be able to afford pianos in our houses.

Let’s take an example. Your spouse loses his or her job and for some reason you are not as capable of finding a decent job. You have a ticket to India, what would you do? Go home right? But no, you want to live in a house with a piano.

Second example, let’s say you are married and I come over to your home. You like in true Mumbai sense have a one BHK, just to ensure that no in-laws ever come. But I am shameless and I come in. What would you do? You would ask me to sleep in the hall right? But no, you will leave your house and husband and go stay with some girlfriend of yours.

Anyway, what happened in those 2 hours is still a haze.

But yes, you might want to watch All The Best. Perfectly nice time pass movie. Miss the first 20 minutes and you’ll love to sit through.

Also, I accept the accusations about True Story. It wasn’t the complete story. But my blog is a happy blog. So I shall wait for a story with a Happy ending. Wait for the Sequel.


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Sweta Nandagiri said...

How could you've watched the movie? Isnt it written all over its face that its going to be one terrible one?

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@ Sweta - I don't judge movies, like i don't judge people.