May 08, 2009


She sat on her balcony, the soft notes of Vivaldi drifting towards her from her room. She pulled herself closer, eager not to cry. “We always draw ourselves together when we are afraid or sad; we get into our embryonic state,” her professor had said in the class. She knew what she wanted was not right but it pained her to imagine how life would be without it.

He had called today and as usual they had reached no conclusion. Sometimes she was extremely unreasonable. He knew her parents well and knew what they wanted. He couldn’t possibly let them down.

The moon was speaking to her again. It was smiling at her, telling her of the immense possibilities. The wind was conspiring with her, constantly telling her to not listen to what everyone would be saying, but do what her heart said. But he wouldn’t agree.

He knew the moon affected her. And that the moon always gave her ideas. He also knew he could not give her what she wanted. It just was not the right thing to do. But it always tore his heart apart to refuse her. But then, “You need to be strong”, he reminded himself.

After all, when you are just up from a bout of fever, you should not be clamouring for ice creams.

The Ice Cream time is here :)


Anonymous said...

:D :D
Beautiful post...

P.S. Anon

Anand Kashyap said...

Banjo, if you name the 'He' and 'She' who figure in most of your posts, I can put faces to the pronouns.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@Anon - you are too kind

@ Anand - Why would you want to kill the mystery?

Soumya Sen said...

First kababs, now ice creams! Seems like a food week on your blog :)