May 04, 2009

Me Time

Few things are as important in this world as “Me time”. It’s a time you spend in yourself, not necessarily finding out answers to life’s questions, but just doing what you love best. Take a camera, shoot indiscriminately since anyway it’s digital, read “Love Story” once again, for the umpteenth time and slump on bed refusing to wake up as the sun shines down on your bed. Read “White Tiger” and go, “Huh!!! College magazine article!!!”

I think it’s time to change my identity as a nomad. Nomadism is not really happening in 2009. Summer of course is not the ideal time to venture out but more than that there is a certain lethargy that has crept in asking me, “What are you searching for?” The French Bearded Man and the Trader were both highly disappointed with me for not coming up with something to do or someplace to go to but then the traditional Mumbaikar always heads out in the summer months to more peaceful places like the hills or the beaches which then begin to look like a mini Mumbai.

Surprisingly, when you tell yourself that you are not the solution to the numerous problems in the world and there is only so much that you can do, it gives you a strange sense of peace and nonchalance.

The search for Inner Peace - Sometimes, the kababs at Barbeque nation come close to bliss.


Anonymous said...

Nice!!! Search for Inner Peace...
Which many of us are not doing these days....


Soumya Sen said...

You find inner peace in kababs?! Chhii, chhii, chhii...Staying in Mumbai has made you into a bourgeoisie of the meanest kind! The Marxists back home (and your Bihari brothers) will be so disappointed in you. The only ray of hope I see is that you still like 'kababs', which means you haven't turned into some Hindu fundamentalist yet. Maybe in a year or two, Shiv Sena's influence will turn you into one of them. You have been raving about Mumbai for a long time. Beware! Do not let the charms of opulence corrode your values :-)

Addy said...

Alright! Ground Rules Banjo: no making people stuck overseas jealous!

CJ said...

"there is only so much you can do" - spot on!

and what joy do you find in veggie kababs macha! or are you no longer sad about the chicken's mommy? :P

Sweta Nandagiri said...

Madhurjya, your posts are getting very thinky da!! From the questioning of self existence to inner peace.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@Anon - I always do. I call it sleeping.

@Chomo and CJ - err. I meant veg kababs. Mushrooms, potato etc :)

@ Chomo - lure of capitalism is strong :)

@ Addy- Point discarded. You are in California. The Green state. I get jealous there

@ Sweta - Mass post will come soon :)