April 13, 2007

Shubho Naboborsho

As the Bengali year passes onto the next, I laze around in Calcutta first time after 2001. Somehow, no one around me seems to enjoy it any more. They are happier celebrating 31st of December. Anyway, for all those who still enjoy their respective regional new year, here’s two of my recent favourite post Tagore era poems. The first one I had the audacity to translate, the second I don’t even expect most of my Bengali friends to know either. So I left it in the original.

A day 8 years back - Jibanananda Das

I know... yet I know
The heart of a woman- love - child
home- is not all;
not money, nor fame or wellbeing-
Some other threatened wonder
Plays within our inner blood
tiring us out,
tiring... tiring us out.

The second one

Janasamudre jegeche jowar,
Hridoy amar chora;
Chorabali ami dur digante daki,
kothaye ghorsowar?
Shubho Naboborsho. The Bengali Calendar Shall read 1414 from Sunday.

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