April 09, 2007

Home is where the heart is

and who says heart can't be happily be torn between many. The India trip is going on well. It's just that the writing about it is not happening. I do realize how much an uninterrupted broadband service and a working keyboard mean to me. I might have become dependent on them but given the fact that I still survive without them makes me slightly hopeful.

But it'd be better if the customer care service of broadband connection providers were a little more technologically advanced than I am. And given my prowess that's not asking much.

Till date I have tried to keep most of the promises I have made, maybe even years later when the persons themselves have forgotten. And I shall therefore keep my promise. I shall write someday. Imagine the ordeals of a guy cut off from the rest of the world for six years, safe in his academic shell and then he's exposed to the vibrancy of life in India. It takes time to put the million colours such as them on paper.

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