April 13, 2007

Kerala Day 6 – The Fraud of Fort Cochi

We had booked a cab to take us around Kochin and then drop us off at the Airport. Four years in Rajasthan had instilled in me a deep love for old forts and hence when I heard that there was a Fort Cochi, I had to convince others to visit it. This was the biggest setback in the entire trip. Fort Kochi has no fort. It has Chinese fishing nets. But you ask every single shopkeeper near the port and even the police vans, they’ll say that this is Fort Kochi. The Synagogue was the next stop and it was closed at that moment. A very telling picture was taken at this point. The signboard clearly mentioned the proper dress code for the synagogue. Dutch settlements, Churches and other glimpses of old Kerala met us on the way. Sometimes, it’s good to be reminded of our heritage, good to be reminded that we are a nation that has always embraced everyone who have come to our shores. We do forget at times the responsibility of such a heritage.

Most of our trip we had lived on Aquafina and Mazza and we made the mistake of trying out Chinese cuisine in Cochi. Anyway, the view of the harbour made up for it. Bypassing some palace that had been converted into a hotel, we made for the last beach of our trip. A stop for half an hour and we were on our way back to the airport. Snaps were loaded onto my laptop, copies made, bills cleared and we were ready to leave for Bangalore. I had a connecting flight to Cal and I was praying that Deccan be late as usual. Unfortunately, this flight was on time and worse it reached on time. A night was spent at Bangalore airport watching India raise everyone’s hopes against Bermuda, hitting out at the swarm of mosquitoes and trying not to sleep. However, the departure lounge was much better. There was a Karishma Kapoor movie on at the Lounge. And it had Shilpa Shetty. So it must be Rishtey. As I stepped on sleepily into the next flight, I wondered, “Why haven’t I travelled Kingfisher yet?”

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