October 02, 2012

Majulah Singapura

There have been few cities in this world that I have despised. Come to think of it, there is not a single city where I have not felt at home. But Singapore is something different. Singapore is a city I have fallen in love with while trying not to.

She’s like that girl in the college who is way out of your league and yet you fall for her, head over heels. And you know what? Suddenly, you do go out with her for a coffee.

I remember the day I stepped into the city, far removed from the chaos of Mumbai I was used to love and cherish. It seemed straight out of a story book, where trains ran on time, people were polite and helpful and taxis were ready to ferry you over to your neighbour’s house without asking a question.

But the reason I have fallen in love with Singapore is because of the small surprises the city springs at me almost every day. The 24x7 grocery shopping, the coffee made out of a sock, the breakfast on kaya toast, the movie theatres without an interval suddenly breaking your concentration, the gardens, the walks and the public transport that apologises for the slightest breakdown in service.

The late night music on classical channel and the golden oldies, the walks on Orchard, getting lost in Vivocity, proudly proclaiming that one could find absolutely anything in Mustafa, everything makes Singapore dearer every day of my life.

It’s been more than a year here and everyday is a new discovery. Different sunsets greet you at the different look out points where if the clouds do not cover your view, chances are at ships will. But even then when the sun takes his first dip into the ocean, only to emerge brighter the next day, you feel nice that you are in a city that got urbanization right.

You remember the girl you went out for coffee with? Savour the moment while it lasts. Who knows what happens tomorrow?

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