September 29, 2012

Right Here Waiting

When I used to fly Jet Airways during my travels around India, during those long waits at the tarmac while we hoped for a queue number that is in single digits, the crew automatically would play a piano version of “Right Here Waiting”.

And then it was just another tune, a melody without a meaning. I would travel to all odd corners of India, work Saturdays and Sundays and then head straight to the office on the first flight on a Monday morning.

Tomorrow is a Saturday and I am still working but when I was leaving my home before the sun was up and I looked back a silhouette against the window in the wee hours of morning, Gold 90 FM in my cab started playing “Right here Waiting.”

In any story, it could not get more apocryphal but then life always is strange and gives you these little signs that times are changing. The song suddenly has a more meaning than what a 25 year old, working like a maniac could ever have imagined.

Today, the travels on Saturdays, working on weekends continue being a reality, (and a pleasant one at that as I really love what I do for a living and what gets me on these odd flights at strange hours) I seem to have found a new reason for wanting to come back home at the end if it all.

As I have always believed, the biggest changes in this world are always subtle.

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